First to Eleven

Eleven Points. Thats what you need any given time these days to win a game in Table Tennis – one of the fastest and most played sports in the world.

The ITTF – International Table Tennis is the governing body – today better equipped than ever, with some 25 staff working intensivly  to drive  the sport of Table Tennis to new heights. Operations (head office in Lausanne) , Development, Competitions  and Marketing are four out of the five departments facilitating daily work for over 200 membership associations. 

 The sixth department – ITTF Education & Training came to life 1 January 2009 . The Eleven Points Blog will take you behind the scenes and reflect on issues and work carried out by that department. Call it the official voice of  ITTF Education and Training if you like.

The ambition is clear ; We want to be educative and entertaining at the same time.  We will promote the future of Table Tennis and reflect on the important past. We will highlight young and upcoming profiles and honor masterful champions.

Eleven Points is about Table Tennis . Enjoy


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