One for the Road

IMG_0781[1]The Dry spell is over.  Time to write something .  The blogger is back on Canadian soil to oversee the Road to Nanjing event in Missisuagua , just west from Toronto. The winter was bad this time they say – and for the brown grass ,  the rain and the wind it all plays together in telling you ;  King Winter has not left the throne completely – not yet judging from the + 1 cold rain pouring down tonight .  

We are playing in My Table Tennis Club at Haynes Road.  Clearly a nice facility with around 600 members   . These members will come into play on 20 permanents tables and there are plans to make room for more

Table Tennis is growing here and across the city you will find several full time venues offering around the clock opportunities to play. For those still doubting –but listening..I say – Table Tennis in North America is on the rise and we should do more to help it accelerate.

First day of action at this the third out of six events offered in the 2014 Road to Nanjing series brought some surprises , Andreas LEVENKO from Austria put himself on top of the draw by bringing down the Swede Carl Ahlander JOHANSSON in the key matchup in group nr 1.  The hard-hitting Dane Claus Nielsen dropped one match in the group and that opened up for the young Belgian Martin  Allegro  to secure the top seeding position on the bottom half. Only six players remain in the hunt now with two quarters opening up day two of the action tomorrow morning at 12.

In the girls competition I really get the feeling that young Lisa LUNG from Belgium is going to steal this one. She looked excellent today and also fully focused. Four girls is in the race for the RTN spot.


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