Aly GHALLAB from Egypt still in it after the first day o f action in Guatemala City

Aly GHALLAB from Egypt still in it after the first day o f action in Guatemala City

I cannot let go with the fact this arena – located a stone throw from downtown Guatemala City once was the home of the Bulls fighting for their life. During a day or two I have by now wandered the corridors where the bulls where brought up in front of I am guessing a full house. The dome – to use a more English expression was also the home of the world championships in futsal back in 2006. I think that Brazil played in the finals against whom?   I have no idea and neither have the locals here.

So here we are , putting up the very first stand-alone ITTF GJC finals and so far things are all good. We are passed the first day of action without having much more problems than a rather cool breeze lowering the temperature in El Domo making life just a little bit less comfortable for the athletes and the outsiders.


Result wise still too early to draw any kind of conclusions worth writing about. I liked what I saw from Joaa GERALDO – the for many year highly touted Portuguese and  one of only two European male juniors competing here (how did that happen?).  The Canadian hope CHEN Hongtao also looked sharp and more important confident in his two  opening matches. Especially important was the 4/3 win against Eric JOUTI from Brazil – who for sure has made the travel to Guatemala with high ambitions.

Another two favorites destined to do well is the left-handed LEE Shia Sheng from Chinese Taipei and Morizono from Japan –  both players did perform up to expectations in day one of the GJC finals.


In the Junior Girls competition we have, in terms of results, after day one pretty much what we expected. The toughest match was between Dina MESHREF from Egypt and LI Ching Wan from Hong Kong which ended with a 4/3 win for the Asian representative.


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