The Last Sip

Bruna Takahashi from World Hopes team searching for the extra energy

To use a popular Don Parker, the english lead commentator for Table Tennis ,  expression ;  ” We are down to the business end of things “ in Guam. This morning the last positions matches were played.  Players and coaches are really sweating it out at this point. Fatigue is clearly a factor  after playing intense table tennis for more than a week including the three-day preparation camp .

When it comes to the results we have TOTAL ( please note the capital letters) domination by Team Asia. SONG Xu – the left-handed Chinese boy will play the final against the Japanese  dynamo Kohei SAMBE.  In the girls final we will see the same matchup ; China versus Japan . Twelve year old Mima ITO from Japan must  improve her game significantly from this morning if she has any thoughts about winning the title.  In the semifinal ITO opened up a 3-0 lead with Tamowlan Khetkuen from Thailand before the scoop of superiority made her loose the concentration. Khetkuen did not only fight back to level the match – she also had the lead 9-7 in the seventh game without being able to capitalize on multiple opportunities   and win the match.


If we take a quick look at the other matches played this morning there were a couple of players that handled the physical and mental tests  better than others. I would like to give the A + to the following individuals ;

Isaac ZAULI from Brazil ;   Well behaved young player who in his first  Challenge did a nice job to keep his concentration on a  high level . Isaac fought hard  the whole day and finished in the ninth position following series of good  3/2 wins.

Adina DIACONU ROU ;  This young Romanian girl ( born 1999 !) is mature for her age and very promising overall. She has the ability to use the key elements of  successful table tennis ; Placement – Speed and Spin in a way that makes you believe in great things to come.  This time it was enough to finish as the nr 9 . Better next year for sure !

Adriana DIAZ – Puerto Rico – three more years to go in the cadet singes category

Honorable mentioning goes to Allen WANG from North America for keeping his focus which earned him thirteen place in his challenge debut.  Adriana DIAZ  is the world of  pure talent personified. Prior to this mornings matches  she obviously decided to   fill  up the tank  with new energy as it was full speed from the get go when  she  powered her way to the thirteen position in the cadet girls singles .. Perhaps a reminder  is in place that the star of Utuado has another three years left in the age category. This of course makes it  extra interesting to follow her progress. But – what is also quite clear is that much of the improvement has to come in the ” department of nutrition and eating properly” .   Surely that can be fixed – or ?


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