Time to Test the Wings !

Fermin Tenti from Argentina in full action

Ladies and Gentlemen – we are down to the last sixteen in the Cadet  singles event here in Guam. Some interesting matches coming up for sure and if you have te opportunity to drop down to the field house this morning  – don’t forget to pay attention to Table 1 – 1000 am. I am guessing that the good father of this event – ITTF competition manager Raul Calin also will allow the world to have access through the ITTV.


Regardless of your presence or not,  we will serve up the encounter between the two youngest players competing in the 2012 World Cadet Challenge ; Adriana DIAZ from Puerto Rico and Mima ITO from Japan – both born in the golden year of 2000  .  I am not sure where we will see this young girls next time in an important match  ?  – did someone say Youth Olympic Games 2018  ? – six years from now when they will graduate from the ITTF Global Junior Program.

The general level of play here in Guam is otherwise , as it should be,  up for debate among coaches and officials.  Personally I the  feeling  that the group of players this year is slightly weaker than previous years . At the same time we have to weigh in the fact that many continents have chosen to go young on young so to say and send players with several more years to go in the cadet category.

Anyway – here is my watch list for this morning ;


World Hopes Team coach Dejan Papic working his trade

I was speaking yesterday to the World Hopes team coach ;  Dejan Papic . He was mumbling about world-class – olympic medals and whatever you can imagine . Maybe he is right, that happens too.  But i will give him this ; it has been an impressive showing by Adina so far – extremely mature game to come from such a young player.

DIAZ Adriana PUR vs ITO Mima JPN

Both players born in the year 2000 and you just have to love the differences in the background and training conditions.  This is the best of the cadet challenge brought out in front of your eyes  – the challenge – the first time clashes  of athletes that eventually will serve our sport as the future stars  .


Expect nothing less than a fierce point by point battle from these two , well-travelled athletes. 

OU Jonathan USA vs TENTI  Fermin ARG

Two talented players – perhaps not ready for the absolute top level of  excellence right now. I would like to see both players closer to the table for a start .  However this one will be for the lovers of top spin to top spin battles and for nice shot-making. 


Allen WANG from New Jersey in for a tough challenge in Guam

I will come back to Allen Wang in another post. It’s a big step from a  basement in New Jersey to this level of event. Spoke to Allen yesterday and he is still adjusting to international level of competition. ” Everybody is just counter-looping here ”  he said – Right on Allen !

Enjoy for now ;-


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