Stepping Up from the Basement

The “Jersey Boy” of Table Tennis. Allen WANG , USA in full action

Allen WANG is by now fourteen years old.   In my books the young American is one of the more interesting prospects competing in the 2012 Guam World Cadet Challenge.  First time I noticed his name was in the  Hopes program two years ago and  since then he has been on the” ITTF radar”. We had a quick chat on the floor yesterday and I watched him drop a very close match  this morning in the round of sixteen – cadet singles .

Thinking back – to the very beginning ,  the cadet challenge concept was once built for players like Allen . The ambition was to gather youngsters from all over the world and give them the ultimate eye-opener for the  wonderful world of opportunities called International Table Tennis  . 

By now the eyes of Allen WANG is wide open – but in a very  healthy way.   He is starting to understand the level , thinking about the future and with one more year left in the cadet age category I am sure that the 2013 World Cadet Challenge wherever it is held – will be the main driving force when it comes to the daily practice.

Like many young players from the USA,  Allen WANG is mainly depending on private arrangements to keep his Table Tennis skills alive;

” I live in New Jersey and most of my practice hours is taking place  at home – in the basement. I have one sparring partner/ private coach that comes in five to six times a week for an hours practice.  Usually , i am a lucky to find a competition nearby to play during the weekends  , if not i will sometimes go down to Maryland for some extra practice in a club  Allen WANG  explained.

To get the opportunity to compete for the North American team in Guam has been a great experience and for sure a boost of motivation  for the New Jersey boy.

” It has been great for sure and  I am very motivated to keep going now. The biggest change for me is that all the best players here are using counter-top spins instead of block and that is something i guess you have to do to be competitive at this level Allen said.

The results for the young American was this time OK – but not fantastic. His overall game is for sure more promising than the actual results .  The North American Boys team disappointed  a bit in the team event and finished  a distant sixth place. In the singles however they put up a better fight with both Allen WANG and Jonathan OU advancing to play for the top positions. Both players also had  descent opportunities  to reach the quarterfinal . Allen was for example 3/2 up with CHERNOV from Russia and had multiple opportunities to close that match. Instead – like it always does , inexperience took another victim and Allen lost 9-11 in the deciding seventh game.




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