The Big Baby Ready to Rock

The Big Baby (what suitable nickname!)   – Ding NING from China seems unstoppable in the women’s singles. Now ,  I have to admit that I am admiring this girl – the sheer class, the strokes – her technique and perhaps most of all her ability to develop the game itself.  In my opinion she is the nr 1 innovator of female table tennis by always pushing the boundaries when it comes to technique, tactical sense and not to forget add the mental side (body language very much included).

I am guessing that the other Chinese competing in the women’s singles LI Xiaoxia might have her supporters believing in a gold medal here in London as well – but I doubt she will make it happen this time .

Anyway –, this post is written in between the quarters and the two semifinals (strange time sched..?!)  And I am happy to see, especially for the worldwide image of female table tennis the perfect “final four” having a go at the medals.Kasumi ISHIKAWA  – the Japanese 18 year old lefthander who  finally came to dance (unlike many of her country men )  also when the heat is on. She started slow but then put the pedal down and defeated WANG Yugue from Singapore in five games this morning.  FENG Tianwei from Singapore is also a great role model for young girls with her all-round style of game executed with all the three attributes making up for a successful table tennis rally – speed – spin and placement of the ball.

Rock ON!


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