Rule Britannia

Table Tennis is in full swing by now ,  noon the opening day of the 2012 London Games.   Most of us attending the opening ceremony last night will need some time to recover emotionally and mentally.  It was BIG and it was GOOD. Of course the show  was my first Olympic  opening live and i guess its easy to get  caught with your jaw dropped.  Anyway – the music , man– ! the journey through time and all the British  contributions to the popular culture (the humour department included )  the we today take for granted – impressive.   Big Thanks from a Fan of Olympic Sports !

Our event is now running. Good crowd in attendance from the get go…   I have feeling that this will be intense and very good promotion for our sport. The N 1 arena here in Excel can seat some 4000 spectators in a horse-shoe setting with excellent visibility from all angles. No problem to get into it for the fans in the stands. Playing conditions also seems to be top-notch . Interesting that the N1 is labelled to play a bit slower – which should benefit some of the many veterans competing here – they get more time to execute skill over power.

Lily Zhang  from the USA was the first of the “younger lions” in the court this morning. Following four games (-5,-7,-7,-8 ) of reasonable  – but way too predictable play she is out of the singles  with her opponent Cornelia Molnar from Croatia marching through to the second round.  Lets hope that Lily comes back in the team event with a slightly better performance and that she most importantly at all goes for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in two years ( 2014)  .  She will be right in the mix there as the  decided  YOG age categories for Table Tennis works in her favour ( Open for athletes born 1996,97,98 and 99)







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2 responses to “Rule Britannia

  1. Mike Meier


    Will the format for YOG 2014 be the same as YOG 2010?

    Also, has it been decided whether they will again have the Young Umpire Project? I know two youngsters here in USA that would love the chance to umpire in Nanjing!

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