Late Night Call


The calm before the storm for the young Hopes. Here seen resting prior to the finals


Its late on the Swedish west-coast. In fact Sunday 17 June has turned to Monday 18 of June and we are leaving for a few days of meetings in the north of Sweden. One of the items on the agenda is to settle the ITTF World Hopes team selection 2012. One thing is for sure – the young players playing in Falkenberg did not make it easier for us.Plenty of talents and many interesting players.

When the dust settled in Falkhallen on the late Sunday afternoon , the Thai girl  Naja MEKAMPORN was the winner among the girls. Playing style is pimples out on the forehand, long pimples backhand and with that a style that many young girls had problems with. Adriana DIAZ  from Puerto Rico upset a few of the seeded players and advanced all the way to the final. The star from Utuado did not however  find any answers to the Thailand representative in the Hopes week in the final – she lost 0-3 , but in close games.

The Boys singles turned out to be a superior performance signed Kanak JHA from the USA. Just a quick word of advice to anybody listening. This young boy could be the real deal for Table Tennis in the United States. May the god of our sport and the spirit of the white ball guard him well in the future.

Earrly morning tommorrow. Falkenbergs BTK deserves tons of credit for handling this event witn respect and knowledge.


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