Game ON !

Abir HAJ SALAH from Tunisia getting ready for action.

The ITTF Hopes challenge – shall we say the competition part , is now in full swing.  The girls side is closely contested . Several groups in the qualification stage forced the ITTF competion manager on duty – Polona Cehovin Susin to bring out the calculator.  The boys singles was more according to the predictions. The favourites looked all strong in the morning phase.

The knock-out stage will get underway this afternoon ( Saturday ) and conclude Sunday afternoon with the finals.



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2 responses to “Game ON !

  1. Dennis Davis

    great work as usual driving the Hopes Week forward! Keep it up.

  2. Am waiting to see some more videos of the Hope tournament and training. Like the picture of calm before the finals. And second your comment on God and spirit of white ball protecting Kanak. Thank you, Dejan, Zita, Peter and many others who organized and executed a great event. Great Job!

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