The Start and the Finish

Jörgen Persson , the forty-six year old Swede , preparing for his seventh Olympic Games,  showed up at the ITTF World Hopes Week   in Falkenberg this afternoon to showcase some of his skills and knowledge . Bruised and battered following four weeks in Asia  the tall Swede  spent a good two hours with the Hopes players . First,  he did a one hour clinic with Peter Karlsson and after that he hung around to play and talk to the young hopes players who all of course looking for attention from the former World Champion.

I asked Jörgen about his career – did he ever regret spending basically his whole life or thirty straight years only thinking table tennis  ? ;  Never for a minute,  I have regretted that i took the step to become professional in Table Tennis. I don’t really know what I would have done if not playing table tennis. Its amazing really , I first went to China when I was fifteen years old and from point on Table Tennis has been my whole life Jörgen answered.

Lets leave it with that.  It’s pretty cool to have Mr Persson attending an event of this nature.  Seventy young Hopes players ,  some of them really driven for their age and surely with the potential to become full flight professionals are gathered here in Falkenberg this week. They are in the start of their career . Jörgen Persson on the other hand is about to pack up and leave the playing courts + at least the international scene.  He will do his last event in  the London Olympics . What a lustrous  career – What a player . Remember him for all the good stuff he brought to the sport of Table Tennis .



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