We are all the Winners

That was just the direct quote from  ITTF Hopes challenge head coach Peter Karlsson opening the official training camp this morning. It didn’t take long for the sixty-two young players to grab a ball and start practice either. The impressive newly built and beautifully dressed  Falkhallen also stood the test during the first day. Despite travel fatigue and time-change the youngsters showed good energy and also skills beyond expectations;

ITTF Hopes week 2012

“I think that the level looks good Peter Karlsson said. Much better than i thought to be honest. Seems like all the players can stand a full practice session – it’s quite impressive the Swedish coach said.   

His opinion was shared with all the coaches on staff this week for the ITTF. Peter Teglaz from Hungary expressed his satisfaction with the group he was leading and said ;  Pretty good level for this young age . They are able to complete most of the exercises  without dipping too much Peter  concluded.

The training in Falkenberg will continue with eight sessions planned  until Friday . The coming weekend the action intensifies in Falkenberg  when the Challenge tournament commences for two days.  Stay tuned.


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