Family Fun ?!

Eightyear old Linus Karlsson making his debut in the competative courts of table tennis..

Parents as we are ,  with kids involved in sports,  the question will come.. Shall I coach my child , get involved beyond just being a passive spectator..? Some will , Some won’t ! But, then  again some are left , usually those with a good heart, without any options.  Today was such a day for the former World Champion and now trusted ITTF Expert coach ; Peter Karlsson.

When the eight year old Linus Karlsson , for the first time in his young life stepped into the courts of competitive table tennis,  in the regional tournament Västkust-spelen  boys singles U 8  ,  he had the night before secured his father as the coach ; Dad , he said .. Can you coach me tomorrow ? …were his last words , before taking control over the nervous butterflies and falling a sleep late Saturday night ! Results you may ask ?  Lets settle for both wins and losses.. Really didn’t matter as young Linus together with all the eight participants in the U 8 singles quickly forgot winning and loosing this Sunday .. They all walked away from the Falkarena with a nice trophy.

Watching the games however father Karlsson ,  usually strong in situations requiring quick analyze and evaluations quietly concluded something like .. I guess I should have chat with my son about legal service and some behavioral issues in the court. ?!

Other than those priceless “Karlsson moments” , the ITTF hopefuls ,staying for the camp in Falkenberg , finished the competition with reasonable energy and promise.

Adriana Diaz, Puerto Rico , 10 years old ,  continued her strong play and finished on top of every  girls category offered  – from Girls 13 to Girls 17.. Fantastico would be the Spanish word for that i guess !?  Bryan Afanador had a good run also on Sunday putting up good wins as well as some healthy losses against capable  players. Pablo Saragovi from Argentina was another player from the ITTF group that elevated his play. He finished second in the Boys 17 singles.

The Close To Karlsson Camp featuring ten players from eight countries will continue until Tuesday 22 February in preparation for the Safir International Table Tennis meet.



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  1. Being here in Austria with my own son, I can vouch that it is tough to coach your own child. Jac is 11 years old and a great kid. I try to seperate the job, as national coach, from the father – I get it wrong on occasions.

    It’s mostly good – but can be hard

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