Time for the 2010 ITTF Cadet Challenge Awards..

Cadet Boy Champion JANG Woo Jin from Korea REP

The time has arrived .. To stop thinking and start writing. Here they are ;  the ITTF Education Directors “personal awards” and advice to the selected few attending the 2010 ITTF Global (.. Please bring back the word world !  ) Cadet Challenge; Called as I saw it  during  nine days of training and competition in India.

The Best Overall Prospect Award ;  Hugo Calderano , BRA – I am very impressed by this fifteen year old  boy from Rio De Janeiro.  Very mature, calm and composed for his age. Rapidly improving technique in combination with a much better tactical sense and on top of that a strong physique makes Hugo Calderano the best ever prospect out of Brazil. Rio 2016 is only six years away. Can we trust the Brazilian Olympic Committee to play their cards right with this young fellow ?  Go for it  !


The Best Fighter Award ;  Charles DENG , USA –  Partly schooled by the new ITTF Hopes programme the left-hander from Texas showed grit and spirit all the way through.  He finished on position fourteen in the singles event – not bad for a small-sized thirteen year old . He is also , and that’s important,  fun to watch always bringing it  !


The Best Ever Chinese Attitude in Training  Award ; The chinese duo competing for Team Asia ;  ZHU Linfeng and LIU Xi  are two likable athletes who much to our surprise also showed that they were ready to practice hard with all players during the training camp prior to the event. Good stuff and very much appreciated.


The Hardest Working Female Player Award ; Alia DOAA , Egypt – Another girl from the famous Al Ahly club in Egypt ready to work hard. Highest grade in backhand block , tempo and physical demeanour. Much worse off, not surprisingly when it comes to  service and return ( Coaches in Egypt  !- when will the change come ?)   . On top of that she also had a tendency to doubt herself when the score became close and crucial. Finished on position  thirteen  in the singles event.


The Maturing Athlete Award ; Ariel HSING , USA – Competing in her fifth ITTF Cadet Challenge ( a hard to beat record considering the new rules in effect) is slowly showing a more comfortable look in the heated courts.  The lack of finishing touch is now more a product of spending way to much practice time versus smooth playing sparring partners in a private setting.  Get out there and compete Ariel and you will improve quickly !


The Best physical Conditioned Athlete Award ; Sebastian AGUIRRE , Paraguay –  Strong legs and a very consistent attitude in training are good signs for Sebastian whom i am sure will be part of the Latin American team in San Juan , Puerto Rico next year.. . Talent wise however  he is still a bit behind his older brother Marcello Aguirre…


The ITTF Sleepwalker Award ; Gremlis ARVELO , Venuzuela – So much talent.. Great touch.. But you have to work  just a little bit to become successful in sports.


The ITTF Smoothest Technique Award ; Tristan FLORE , France – Smooth sailing from a technical point of view.. But way more aggressive approach  and physical toughness is needed in the modern Table Tennis world.


The ITTF Must Improve his behavior Award ; Tamas LAKATOS , HUN – Pretty much offside from the very first day when it came to proper language and overall behaviour. What happened in two months really ?  The journey from a  focused young and succesful player in the YOG in Singapore,  to a rowdy  and at times unfocused guy  in India. The Hungarian Table Tennis Associations needs to find out as soon as possible or this carrier will go nowhere !


The Best Oceania Female Talent Award ; Tina MII , Tahiti – The youngest athlete participating here in India.  Dropped all the way to the bottom in the singles event but is still very talented with a good technique as her best weapon.. The future backbone for Scott Houston’s Oceania troops ? At least on the third singles ?


The ITTF Cadet Challenge Tiger… and Champion Award ;  JANG Woo Jin , Korea REP – Started slightly slow in the training camp but became better and better along with the added pressure. Great final day as he in two excellent matches secured the boys singles title.  And sure it was the Tiger in him that made the difference in the end when he saved two game points in the sixth and went on to win the title.


And finally.. Now to the fun stuff;

  • Best Competition Manager Award ; The ITTF Cadet Challenge is now his baby ; Raul Calin from Spain always delivering – always correct – always pushing for the 100 % mark.
  • Best Sport Politician Award ; The ITTF Executive Director Glenn Tepper did a great job balancing budgets for the Continental teams – Coaching on the floor – Setting up meetings – Advancing a thing or two.. Great job brother !
  • Best New ITTF Media Manager Award ; We all say welcome on board to the new guy , a true Britt with a wonderful sense of humour ; Mr Richard Pettite
  • Most Friendly People Award ; Goes to all the INCREDIBLE INDIANS who made us all feel more than welcome.. Great Job  – We will come back !



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