The Glorious life as an ITTF staff

At least still unbroken...

Yes , yes I know.. We are a privileged bunch working for an  international sports body and with something we like  ;  Table Tennis . We travel around the globe,  we stay at hotels , we eat at restaurants , we collect air miles, we meet people ,  we hammer our keyboards yellow and blue defending ideas and movements …

Now.. of course there is another side ;  Far away from family. Pretty isolated view from the sport venue or the hotel window. Certain exposure to – shall I say different environments. Late hours and very little sleep. Plenty of meetings,  Responsibilities , Representation.  Some anxiety and pressure like any other job..

Today it is Thursday  NOV 4 – 2010 . Certainly a rare day in history as the ITTF Competition Guru and ITTF GJP Director Raul Calin  simply has  scheduled a DAY OFF . Of course not for himself as he is busy with draws or rearranging the venue for the individual events of the ITTF Cadet Challenge  – but instead for the people (players, coaches and officials)  attending the event.

Hammer in the head Mr Andersson – skip the four-hour exhibition tour as usually . Back to the computer and a day at a hotel room somewhere in the world. Emails and information waiting to be sent.

Before advancing to some pictures that feels way to common .  Todays thought process and reflections;

  • It was a very rowdy European team showing up for last nights team finals.  To be very frank I would add a question mark both for players and coaches behavior in the court.. Not really good was it..? You can only hope that it will improve a bit for the singles event !
  • Although capable they are .. The athletes  born 1995 here in Hyderabad has  a lot of work to ahead if they want to make a quick mark at the junior level.
  • Having said that it looks like the next two ITTF Cadet Challenges will be very good.. Plenty of strong players born 1996 and 1997 – especially connected to  the Pan America team !!
  • Had a chat by the way with Jhon Cruz the LATTU technical director late last night.. He expressed great satisfaction with the PAN AM team composition and the cooperation with all national associations.
  • According to ITTF GJP Raul Calin – The next one in San Juan , Puerto Rico (January 2012) will be very special.. Convention center set up connected to the Sheraton Hotel.. Did i get that right ?
  • Did someone say Egypt for October 2012 and Guam in 2013 ? Its time to bring this event to Africa and Oceania.
  • Plenty of healthy  discussions  related to the future of the ITTF Cadet Challenge.. Hard to say after all if a separation juniors and cadet would work to the  better.. We have many juniors this year who one time started their careers in the Cadet Challenge and has a certain familiarity with the event structure. That is a forgotten point.

OK.. . here are some pictures from todays DAY OFF in India ..Enjoy and   Have a nice one !

Back to the Hotel room

Lunch.. Too much Indian food so far this week

Still unpacked.. five days and counting !

My friend.. My only friend

The Gym ? Was it the seventh floor ?


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