The Sights and Sounds…

Day four of competition. Most of us ; athletes, officials, coaches and voulonteers had to dig deep to find the right balance of energy following yesterday evening with close to 5000 spectators attending the singles finals. The new mixed team format is now in play for a thirty one team large team competition. Lets see how it works out in the end. The first day of action was more than OK and i think in the end that we will be fine from an entertainment and quality point of view.

Other than that.. I had the good fortune to catch a very entertaining and high intense semfinal in Handball between France and Egypt  (22-23) .  Late night Indian dinner with one of the major sponsors for the ITTF Global Junior Programme ended the day..

Just a few pictures from the venue to finish this post.

My own little mystery girl - Kim Song I from PRK Korea taking a nap. I said good match yesterday to her in the hall-way.. She said ; Thank You !

The Young Umpires project is a bit of a success.. Good quality young people - not afraid of making mistakes.. Mr Ronald Wee the Referee does the daily briefing.

The Banana Man - Swedish coach Tomas Von Scheele on his way to racket control.. The average readings in this event is as low as 0,2 PPM. A victory in itself.


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