Rock Solid

ITTF Executive Meeting most of the day. .. Some new openings for a creative and fresh approach regarding ITTF World Championships.. That was the most positive outcome. Back to the venue late afternoon just in time for the quarterfinals.. Here is my take on what happened. 1-5 grading – five is the ultimate standard for this age.. = basically world-class junior tt.

***** 5

Guo Yuting vs Kim Song I  ; 4/3… What a match she did Kim Song I.. Once again she showed variation – spin control and spectacular shot-making… Was leading 3-0 in the sixth and also 5/3 the moment later but couldn’t stand the distance. When will we see this girl again ?. That is a relevant question.


Rock Solid performance by Sutashini Sawettabut from Thailand in the quarterfinal.

Sutashini Sawettabut vs Tanioka JPN 4/0 .. Rock Solid performance by the Thailand nr one junior. Impressive calm and well designed tactics opens the door to the final ?

Hung Tzu Hsiang TPE vs Chiu HKG 4/3... Very good energy saved the only penholder in the field.. Very quick feet also of course.. Clear chance now to play the YOG Olympic Final.


Simon Gauzy vs Emilien Vanrossomme BEL 4/1.. Simon still has some corrections to do in terms of the playing distance to the table.. But anyway he stands a decent chance vs Koki Niwa in the semifinal.. But only if he can remain aggressive and stay close in the rallies.

Koki Niwa vs Ojo Onaulope NGR 4/2..  Great start by the Nigerian left-hander who seems to improve by the minute.  He took a 2-0 lead – but didn’t stand the distance vs the Japanese favourite.

Li Isabelle vs Szocs ROU 4/1.. “Bernie” hasn’t been in  her best form in Singapore. Never got anything going in this match and fueled a hungry and loud home crowd with easy mistakes.

Yang Ha Eun vs Bliznet Mol 4/0.. End of the road for the hard-working Olga Bliznet from Moldovia. But it was close and for some reason Yang Ha Eun does look shifty and unsecure. Most likely not enough to challenge Gu Yuting tomorrow.


Lakatos vs Soderlund 4/2.. Tamas Lakatos continues to play well.. At the same time.. What did Hampus Söderlund do in the two first games….?  One thing is for sure.  He did not play the ball over the net and to bounce on the other side. Another Swedish debacle with shaky nerves and stiff underarm /wrist.


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