The Up-s and the Down-s from the first day of YOG action

The YOG TT Venue in Singapore

What do you want , Johnny ? the bartender ask John Lee Hooker running on my Itunes. ;  ” One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer ” he answers. Of course no such thing is available for some sixty-four young players returning back to the Olympic Village following the first day of competition at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Instead the showers should run cold for some players whilst others should have a fairly comfortable sleep on their very own clouds of dreams . It was indeed an interesting day of action that unfolded in front of a fairly large crowd and plenty of close up watchers like myself and the guru of development in the ITTF – Mr Glenn Tepper.  Now .. Tepper spent most of his day counting the scores in matches between players ; Active participants in the ITTF Training camp versus NON participants..  In the end the theory of good cooperation and active participation clearly won , and for that reason alone  the tall Aussie was all smiles when taking the subway back to the hotel.

As for the blogging Education Directors opinion about the first day of Youth Olympic Action .. Here it is.. The UP;s and the Down;s

The UP;s – Good sleep – Good dreams

1. Kim Song I from Korea DPR.. Not only does she have a great personality – this young girl also showed game enough to upset the top seeded chinese  Guo Yuting in THE match of the day..Brilliant mixture of attack and defense with great variation.. Impressive stuff.

2. Koki Niwa from Japan breezed his way through the day.. Great service smooth relaxed technique.. He looks relaxed and composed young Niwa..  It will not be easy to take him down in this competition.

3. Ojo Onaulapo from Nigeria lost only two games in total the first day and is undefeated.. Impressive confidence  and poise.. Well done.

4.  Britt Eerland from the Netherlands had  a good day at the table. Well prepared as it seems she outworked anything thrown her way during the first day.

5. Luis Meija from El Salvador delivered the upset of the day when he won the opening match vs Florian Wagner from Germany three games to two..It was however not enough to advance to the last sixteen – but a good Olympic win it was !

The Downs – A Cold shower – early morning jog and quick re-group needed.

1. Hampus Soderlund , Sweden.. The Swedish locomotive might run out of track sooner than expected after a shaky day in the courts clearly battling nerves and expectations.

2. Bernadette Szocs, Romania.. “Bernie” didn’t have her best showing the first day of action.. -5,-8 and -3 vs the very ordinary NG Ka Yee from Hong Kong in the second stage opening match can be costly for the “Fireball” from Romania

3. Omar Bedair from Egypt drew a blank versus the Hungarian Tamas Lakatos in the opening group match and showed really no sign of confidence despite having a two games to zero lead versus Kim from Korea DPR in the deciding match. Table Tennis is played with arms , legs and mind.. Dont forget the last one.

4. Florian Wagner , Germany.. Cold shower recommended. Stay in for at least five minutes. Good player – Good Boy…But not a good performance.

5. Kim Dong Hyun . Korea Rep… Started shaky and finished the first day even more shaky.. In fact showed nothing that makes you believe in good things to come.. But of course – this blog is not always right..

Final notes ;

  • Maybe next time – The  Chinese coach on duty will show some interest to scout his player’s opponent and even consider participation in the training camp.. At least he could have learned how the Korean Kim played defense..
  • Hashinta Sashiranga had a tough day in the courts…Two times 2-3 put a damp on his overall performance here  – but the talent is there no doubt !
  • Last one goes to ourselves – The ITTF.  We have done a lot of things right with the YOG.. But maybe we did outsmart ourselves this time with two group stages before the knock out starts…

With the Future in Mind

Mikael Andersson, ITTF



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2 responses to “The Up-s and the Down-s from the first day of YOG action

  1. Stevie D

    Good Stuff,
    if there are or were Skeptics (i was doubtful) about this event then a quick trip down to Singapore and the Singapore Indoor Stadium will quickly dispel those doubts. And while you are right about the format, credit must go to you guys for having a group of players here that truly believe this is the ultimate goal in their young career at the top of the pyramid. Not many sports can claim the same!

  2. aloysius

    hmmmmm table tennis look fun to me , i am one of the student volunteer at sis . wonder if there are any more opportunity for me to watch them play again

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