The YOG Olympic Spirit – Personified

Yana Noskova to the left with the ever so charming Kim Song I from Korea PRK in the training venue at Singapore.

Suddenly she was the there .  The small team from PRK Korea showed up half an hour or so late for the first session. The coach was reluctant to participate in the ITTF activities – but was given no choice really.. But as soon as she entered the court – the YOG Olympic spirit of fun , joy , respect and excellence also stepped into the training hall at the National University.

Kim Song I is the name. Small stature , right-handed defensive player with a lot of game – without being at all untouchable . Perhaps rather the opposite. Nevertheless – this young girl brought a few words of English – a very special eagerness to play and great humour to the practice venue  during the first day of the ITTF YOG Training Camp.

I really enjoyed watching her and the feisty Russian Yana Noskova hammer loose in a very sharp training stint in the morning and it was also fun to see Kim begging for some practice time in the afternoon when she again checked in some twenty minutes delayed.

To me the YOG is all about those small – unexpected moments. Who would have thought that a young girl from The Peoples Republic of Korea would personify the message delivered by the IOC President  Jaq Rogge at the fantastic opening ceremony Saturday night.. “In order to become  a champion you need to show more than just winning . It is fair play , friendship , respect and excellence that will count.


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