All Positive

Moving day for the ITTF Education Director. Leaving Pohang for Seoul in a short second or two. The Korean Hopes challenge finished last night and the overall verdict must be positive.

The Koreans treated the ITTF selection of players and special invitees very good – and more important , they seem to be interested to develop the Korean Hopes challenge concept in close cooperation with the ITTF. We will be back also next year with a new selection of players. The 2010  ITTF WHT  will remain in Korea to play the Korean Junior Open and then re-gather in Schlitigheim , France for the Euro Minichamps.

So far – so good .. We have several players in the 2010 team that still are very much in the developing stage . But here we go – a few highlights and comments the way i saw it ;

  • Marie Migot – France ;  Very much a  cool cat on and off the court. Business like approach regardless of who shows up on the other side of the table. Could very well be the nr one female cadet player in Europe – very shortly and win the European title – shall we say 2011 already.
  • Aaaron Wilson – Trinidad ; Touch feeling and anticipation = world class . I also like his technique .. A talent with the big T.
  • Victor Hung Ka Tak – Hong Kong ; The best player in the boy’s team.. Highly energetic and very skilled… Needs a lot of matches to develop more diverse skills in returning the service.
  • Andreea Clapa – Romania ; A bit of a late pick up – but still a very good addition to the team.. Great job by the Romanians – once again.
  • Neridee Nino – Venezuela ; Better and better the longer this activity went on.. Finished off with a very good singles tournament.. Nice personality and strong emotions in the court..
  • Christopher Wheeler – Scotland ; Small size , but as expected a big heart. Born 1999 and for sure something to build on for a country looking for something positive in Table Tennis. Could be a guy for the Commonwealth Games 2014.
  • Filip Iljevski – Canada ; Solid performance – advanced to the quarterfinals in the singles event . Work needed in the emotional department.
  • RAO Ruo Fei – New Zealand ;  Another girl – born 1999.  For sure a future factor for Oceania Table Tennis.
  • Insana MAKHAURI – Latvia ; Steady performer. Improved gradually. Good focus in matches.


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2 responses to “All Positive

  1. Chimot Pascal

    Que dire de Nolan Givone (France) né en 1999 (comme Christopher Wheeler) qui termine 6ème de la compétition individuelle Espoirs derrière 4 coréens et Hung Ka Tak (Hong Kong)nés en 1998. Aaron Wilson (né en 1998) termine 11 ème sur 12 ne battant qu’un jeune coréen Lee Ji Yun né en 2000.
    Nolan Givone est Champion de France -11 ans et médaillé de Bronze aux Championnats de France Minimes (-13 ans)
    Aaron Wilson n’a gagné que 2 matchs en 10 jours contre Prandi Lucas (Bra) et le tout jeune Lee Ji Yun (Kor)
    Nolan a battu Wheeler Christopher, Prandi Lucas, Iljevski Philippe. Il n’a perdu que sur des Coréens et sur les 2 frères Hung (Hong Kong)

  2. All good again. Nolan Givone is a great little player perfectly backed in the French system. Good for him – i like him a lot. He is well taken care off by good coaches and in a tremdous system.. When it comes to some of the selected players – they are not in the same boat.. Thats why , or at least one of the reasons that we select the ITTF World Hopes Team each year..

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