Final Rating

Two gold medals to China .  Not surprising at all. The Chinese selection at these world junior championships is composed of very competent young players – as always. Very encouraging however to see some degree of fight and ambition with the opposing teams this evening.

Japan did what we all expected – played up to their potential. But when the undisputed nr one junior Misaki Morizono failed to handle WU Yang he opening singles , a from the look of , fairly ordinary but safe defensive player , it was game over for the brave Japanese.. China won 3-0.

The Boys final on the other hand  turned out to be much more interesting than expected. And I have to say that I  like the fact that both Philipp Floritz and Patryk Franziska   , the leading Germans,  asserted themselves into the team match , already from the first point played.  Even more encouraging was  that both won the first game played and immediately flipped both pressure and expectation in the direction of  their chinese counterparts.

Despite the loss my deepest admiration goes out to the German team. Great job by the responsible coach – Great level of motivation by the players resulted in a Great Performance  ! Thats he way should be.

It is now well over midnight in Cartagena, Colombia. I am just back from a traditional  indian dinner with the  Vivek Kohli from Stag as the host. This is a man with a mission – not only in business , but also when is to tracking down Indian food. I told Vivek today that he was on thin ice with his selection of restaurant. But as always the friendly and good-hearted CEO of the Stag company was victorious . Vivek just walked right into the kitchen of this german owned restaurant to have a chat with the indian chef who prepared the dishes.  To the  brave belongs success !

 A new day tomorrow . Moving day in singles. Lots of hard work  for players and coaches.

With the future in Mind



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