Gutsy Performances

The German Team Hero from last night ; Patryk FranziskaGutsy !  Thats the word i am looking for this morning to describe a couple of performances last night , when the scores were settled in the junior team events.  Nice to see in fact that at least some of the youngsters are able to come up BIG  in TEAM competitions. My theory is that less and less players are able to understand the  beauty of the team concept – Not to play only for yourself – But also deliver for others.

Patryk Franziska from Germany earned my five-star rating yesterday night. Two wins against tough Asian (Korean) opponents carries a long way these days.  In fact Franziska and the whole German team have played extremely well from the point here in Colombia.  So the summary is – well-earned team success ! And wherever Helmuth Hampl is today – he should take a lot of credit for the way his young adept performed yesterday. For those who do not know Helmuth ,  he is the long time coach for Timo Boll and  today working , as he always done for the German Bundesliga club Hanau. Good quality coaching always count !

Mizaki  Morizono from Japan always plays with her emotion on the sleeves. Two wins in a tough pressure match versus a competent Korean team was another Gutsy performance.

So .. we are all set for what  i hope to be two good team finals tonight. China involved in both  (look out for Yan An in the boy’s team to make a statement) with Germany challenging for the Boys title and Japan for the Girls title.

The ITTF Blogging Director is otherwise stuck with a steadily growing meeting agenda. But luckily things will improve the next few days as the attention moves from the meeting room to the venue.

With the future in mind



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One response to “Gutsy Performances

  1. Jairo Leandro

    hello, i am a coach of junior team in costa rica

    central america, well i have seen the team boys, and i Think walther ricardo is strong such as the german team, there are show passion for winning and a good
    variaties and good desitions of the play of table tenis,

    second, may be the players of Korean team will be more humility and receive the wisdom of her coach, the good vipe is cuite important.

    finnally when a I practice in junior team for students championships, i have seen the powerfull swedish team, but now I am really enjoy the playing of fabian akestrom in the recent european championship in stturgart, but
    i Think may be the sweddish team should be to rething our sistem, or control o use of powerfull strokes like kristian Karlson, but the deep of returning ball, but of way Hampus soderlung they have made of good player…..and yes liam pithcford is a wall… regards

    Mr.Jairo Leandro

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