Four Requests for Saving the Earth

Will power personfied - Hampus Söderlund from Sweden

Will power personfied - Hampus Söderlund from Sweden

Spending time in Japan is always an experience in itself.

. Tremendous hospitality of course  and such a polite manner comes at you each and every day.. The fun part is however the small details; The speaker voice in the elevator or the advice in the shower telling you to  “urgently  rinse your eyes with water should you mess up the shampoo distribution”

In front of me on the desk this morning i had another good note ;  “Four requests for saving the earth” which in detail will help me to understand the importance of  recycling the water bottles handed out to us in the gymnasium.

So.. Here we go , in a true Japanese spirit,  some general news, notes and wishes  from the ITTF Education and Training guru , posted in the best interest of a group of young  table tennis players attending the ITTF Cadet Challenge & JCF 2009 in Tokyo.

Separate PERFORMANCE from PERSONALITY; The ability to not let a bad loss or a disappointment affect you in  a personal way. Instead losses as well as wins must be broken down in detail for evaluation purposes. The important thing is to understand what i have to do to have success with my own game. Few players are able to come out succesful in tight matches unless they have their own game in order.. Tough job for coaches and team managers to teach this process to a young group of players growing up with the quick laptop fix that always provide the perfect hide..

Improve the PLUS and MINUS thinking ;  I am seeing very few players  in the cadet challenge with the perfect THINK TABLE TENNIS approach.. Most of the players are looking for power and speed instead of spin.. To understand your PLUS = strong sides and MINUS = weak sides , will help you to develop your style and by doing that solidifying your confidence..Tactics in Table Tennis is not harder than trying to apply your PLUS towards the opponents weak sides …Simon Gauzy from France – seldom seen creativity , Yang Ha Eun from Korea – fantastic ten second in between rallies user , are by  far the best thinkers of the game here in Tokyo… This quality will help them to propel their carriers relatively quickly – no doubt in my mind.

P as in PREPARATION ; Again the laptop generation of table tennis players now growing up must learn to spend quality time in the preparation phase.  The game starts at least  twelve hours before  the first point , proper sleep and quality warm up are factors that will make a huge difference. Pretty sad to see the difference  between the players in regards to warm/up and the getting ready phase.. Omar Assar from Egypt  is a great role model to look at for all the cadet players with a few exemptions . Tough warm up.. great usage of the ten minutes before the game is promising stuff to watch. Keep it up !

POSITIVE ENERGY and the WILLINGNESS to sacrifice ;  The lone Swede at this event ( how could that happen when they in fact have suitable junior players for class=”mceItemHidden”> the ITTF JCF ?)  may not be the most driven player from a pure technical standpoint. On the other hand the young man from Borås in Sweden would happily walk right through a  thick stone wall,  if the victory is to be found on the other side.  This quality alone may not be good enough in the long run , other improvements to his game is certainly needed.. But for a start it will always make him dangerous and respected.. Keep it up.. The Yellow and Blue country far north are in great need for success… ASAP !



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2 responses to “Four Requests for Saving the Earth

  1. Dennis Davis

    Hi Mikael,

    Always enjoy your posts. Keep it up!

  2. Christian Veronese

    You have an indisputable talent of writer !
    Very nice stuff.

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