Sweden next…

At Ottawa Airport waiting for the flight to Frankfurt. Its time again for another trip over the Atlantic. Will be a busy week as i will try to cover some ground in Sweden prior to the ITTF Executive Committee meeting in Copenhagen scheduled for Oct 5 and 6.

Looking forward to see Omar Assar in action on Tuesday , when he makes his second appearance in the Swedish Elite league. Omar is contracted to play three matches for Falkenberg .. So far so good for the tall Egyptian junior who nailed his first win vs  Johan Sondell from Soderhamn the other day.. Spoke to Peter Karlsson the other day.. he is more than pleased with his two African top players Omar Assar and Adam Hmam who recently completed the second of three lengthy Close to Karlsson training camps in Falkenberg.

“Omar looks a bit sharper and is ,  i would say  lighter in his movements this time around. He is very good as long as he is able to keep an aggressive tone in his game.  There are still some issues that needs to be adressed , especially when he is getting physically tired. With that comes mental lapses and often a considerable drop in quality of play” Peter said.

“Adam Hmam has some great qualities in his game. His stroke technique is very sharp and when he is able to get his body behind , he plays very hard for his age  Must learn to move much better – but i am sure that will come as he becomes stronger and more physically mature”  said Peter Karlsson.

I will, later in the week  also make a move up north to check in on the Koping Center . Andy Pereira from Cuba  is there for another season. Another interesting player  staying in Koping is Hashinta Sashiranga from Sri Lanka. I liked what i saw from him last year . This will be his first chance to stay outside Sri Lanka for practice . Big improvements are likely.


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