Darkness in the Desert – Or ..?

margaryta_pesotska_10_07_09_LargeThe European Championships in Table Tennis continued today in a country where they clearly make too many cars..! Mens and Womens singles were the feature events this Friday,  infront of a good crowd most of the afternoon.

This one is for the ladies. Very tight time schedule  , but i hung in there as a good soldier and watched most of the action. Womens Table Tennis in Europe –  the development or lack thereof,  is a very popular subject to talk about. The invasion of half hearted and far from top level chinese players can be  debated in length. I happen to think that these players are there for the taking,  kind of thing. ..The young girls need to step up and challenge.. If you think about it.. If you cant beat these guys,   how would you imagine even thinking about taking the next step,  up to the world level..?

Now – It was not completely dark in the desert today. The main reason was a certain Margaryta Pesotska from Ukraine.. She is now in the quarters facing the top seeded Liu Jia from Austria tomorrow… Difficult – but not impossible.. Pesotska is by the way , since many years one of the targeted players in the ITTF With the Future In Mind project.. The cooperation with the Ukraine association and more specifically the coordination of her calendar,  has been an issue from start to finish.. At the same time – you got to hand it to her.. Here we have a last year  junior player not only  reaching the quarters at the European Championships, but also playing very well .. An impressive win yesterday evening against Pota from Hungary paved the way for two additional victories vs two athletes of non european birth…… The scary part of it is that i have a feeling that she has come thus far – mostly on talent .. Not hard work…. On the other hand .. This Blog could be wrong as well – believe it or not !!

It is late Friday evening in a country where they continue to make too many cars !



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