A Day in the Trenches



Petr Korbel - Czech Rep dropped out.... in the round of 64

Petr Korbel - Czech Rep dropped out.... in the round of 64

In a country where they clearly make too many cars we are playing the 2009 European TT Championships

. Had the pleasure to spend most of the day in the second hall talking to some old friends and colleagues and also trying  to check out the action… 


Now, all major table tennis events for the moment – when do we get a quality change  ??? are participation first event… which means that today the GONG show started with tired and overworked coaches trying to sort out tables and appearances the whole day.. When darkness fell and the more important singles matches got underway – players were as tired as their coaches and the remaining hard core fans in the stands.. Good guess – there were some 300 spectators in the second hall today trying to sort ut the action served ; fourteen tables running on the same time..

A GONG show in pure English.. Just a quick summary as i already lost this text to my computer once ;

Jean Michel Saive saved on the laundry detergent and came to play in a bright and orange Stiga t-shirt .. Not much of the Belgium National Team pride on display this day.. More like every man and soul for himself.

Petr Korbel has made plenty of cash counting over a 20 year pro carrier in Germany. He has always been welcomed into the best practice groups in Dusseldorf and other places… Today he limped badly in five of the sixth games he played against the young German defender Ruwen Filius.. Yet,  he didnt have the pride in himself and for his opponent to finsih the match properly.Korbel threw in his towel at 2-6  in the sixth game, being down 2-3.. Next time Petr – please play the final four or five points as well and show some respect to your opponent..! And yes we did see that you hurt badly and played in pain..

Kalinikos Kreanga walked off the court vs Stefan Fegerl from Austria, scratched and is probably on a plane back to Greece by now… Didnt see the injury .. Maybe it was more of a white towel from an old European guardian.. or did he save himself for the Euro vs Asia series coming up in late November perhaps ? 

Erik Lindh – the Swedish national coach went on a rampage in the Gerell vs Freitas match.. He attacked the umpire and the referee.. Didnt see the incident – but what i did see was that Gerell just stamped the surface of the table in the fifth game.. should have been disqualified according to my knowledge and booted out of the tournament.

Six to eight walkovers only in the mens singles today… Not pretty. The ETTU congress however threw the split championships (individual and teams) to a working group.. make the call and split if you ask me .. But of course nobody does these days…

Now to bed..



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