Nineteen for the Men and Zero for the Women


Daniella Dodean from Romania.. Time to step up !

Daniella Dodean from Romania.. Time to step up !

It is time to fire up the writing and get going again..Just been a very busy ten days.. We are preparing a new Future Spin magazine leading up to the ITTF Cadet Challenge scheduled for Tokyo in October. Deadline is around the corner – but the texts and the content will be fine…

Also preparing to travel to the European Championships in Stuttgart. Flying Ottawa to Frankfurt on Wednesday and it will be fun to return to a venue that hosted one of the very best events that i have seen in Table Tennis back in 1992.  Euro 1992 had a lot of elements that really contributed to the experience of watching table tennis.. I was there as the head coach for a Danish mens  team that struggled from the get go… If i remember correctly Russia or was it Hungary ? made sure that we dropped out from the A group.. But all in all it was another time and i would nearly  say another life.

Still miss the good days on the floor though… The thrill and the nerves of being closely involved will not die in an old coaches mind..

By the way ; Check out the Donic EM studio from Stuttgart… Pretty good tempo and despite a few odd words here and there , it is a professional approach to Table Tennis..really like the floor reporter.. ! Have to point out however that this feature will not really satisfy fans of female table tennis…. close to nineteen minutes coverage of the mens event day one and ZERO from the ladies action .

Amazing really , and  for sure  a very dangerous trend is spreading in Europe… Its one thing to downplay the quality and the appeal – I have to admit that many national associations in Europe are digging their own grave when they without hesitation are building their national teams with imported players.. This is short thinking from day one.. Such a strategy will kill interest and most likely push down talents rather than help them..

No ,  unless something radical happens ,  like  the few young female players of worth in European Table Tennis  ;  Dodean , Samara  from Romania starting to play like they can and win some titles , we will see the interest for women’s table tennis diminish even further…. Even go from zero minutes to negative minutes of coverage  perhaps..

Here is the link to the DTTL TV production from Stuttgart ;

 Thats it for now – we are back again.. More to come !


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