Next Stop Schiltigheim

The ITTF World Hopes Team 2009 in France to compete in the Euro Mini Champs

The ITTF World Hopes Team 2009 in France to compete in the Euro Mini Champs

Continuing my Central European Tour today , as i am leaving Lausanne and  heading to Schiltigheim in France , to meet up with the ITTF World Hopes Team preparing for the Euro Mini Champs event starting Friday morning.

The ITTF World Hopes Team was selected in April this year. We picked twelve young Hopes players  from five continents to participate in two events – China Junior Open  with training camp and the upcoming Euro Mini Champs. Right now we are quickly approaching the evaluation stage of this project and i am sure that a number of improvements for the next year will be the result of our discussions.

The ITTF is planning to open registrations for athletes born 1998 and 1999 only as early as Nov 1 this year . The window of registration will be open for two months and close  December 31. A series of activities – so called try out camps will be launched connected to five ITTF Junior Circuit events January to April and the actual team selection will be done in early May.

Otherwise it has been a good week in Lausanne – the Olympic Capital. We held several meetings with the IOC regarding Olympic Solidarity projects and also yesterday addressing the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore 2010. Also great to see Glenn Tepper , the ITTF Operative cheif Jordi Serra  and our energetic Spaniard Raul Calin in full office mode. I like to spend time in Lausanne from an efficiency point  of view .  Few distractions  and nice working conditions allows you to advance a number of things -small or big..

Working for the ITTF can at times be a lonely operation. More screen and email discussions,  than face to  face kind of thing. Clearly  a scenario that causes a few misunderstandings now and then.

1210 Lausanne train station via Basel and arrival 1628 in Strasbourg , France.. Will blog from France

Live well



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