Mapping Out the Future of Table Tennis ?

Jens Felke ESN Pro Leader and Glenn Tepper , ITTF Ex Dir of Development trying to find ther way in Bramberg,Germany

Jens Felke ESN Pro Leader and Glenn Tepper , ITTF Ex Dir of Development trying to find ther way in Bramberg,Germany

Back in the ITTF Headquarters in beautiful Lausanne. The only thing here is the dampening Swizz quietness – rules and regulations. To get a nice meal after 2100 – well then you really have to work hard as most restaurants are closing early. That fact doesn’t sit well with our late eater and fast talker – the newly appointed ITTF Global Junior Program Director Raul Calin who will visit today Tuesday and leave Thursday.

Had a nice and very interesting side-trip to Germany yesterday where myself and my dear colleague Glenn Tepper – the ITTF Executive Director of Development met with Dr Georg Nikolas the owner of ESN Eleastomer Gm bH and his leader of their newly formed ESN Pro team   Jens Felke from Sweden. Many moons ago,  Felke was a good player in Sweden -swinging just below the Swedish Junior National Team in the late seventies. Today he is a freelance writer and journalist just recently picked up by ESN.

Tepper , we all know as one of the more organized and structured Directors working for the ITTF.   But i guess that if you are involved in the direct organisation of more than 100 development  courses and activities world wide you need exactly those qualities. Anyway , a “dear mate” of mine  he is the tall Aussie , currently wrapping up another three month work period in Lausanne before returning back to Melbourne on Friday. 

ESN  is,   I am sure,  not very well know for the mainstream Table Tennis fan . But this is one of the largest manufacturers of Table Tennis competition  rubbers in the world and as such a major player in the field of playing equipment for top players.

It was an interesting two days. Mostly learning about the actual process of developing rubbers. The production line is organized to facilitate Mixing – Vulcanization – Shaping and Cutting. Sponge(plenty of interesting development in the pipelines for the  sponge production)  and Rubber sheet are produced separately and the glued together.

The end of the speed glue era in Table Tennis is opening up a whole new world.  Before , the gluing of the racket was the tool used by the players to equalize their equipment.. Now the shift towards rubber development and understanding of that process becomes so much more important for players and coaches.

It is time for the ITTF to fix the testing – clearly announce to the athletes the consequences of  trying to cheat the system and then declare VICTORY..


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