Pan Am Cadet Challenge Qualifier – Prospect rank

Pavlo Saragovi Argentina - Photo Mariann Domonkos

Pavlo Saragovi Argentina - Photo Mariann Domonkos

Day one of two is now finsished.  Here comes a quick run down….each of the athletes already qualified for the team or in the race graded from 5 ***** and down depending on the actual playing status and possibilities.

Complete results day one – Group stage:


Here we go;

5 ***** – potential medalist at the ITTF CC 2009

Ariel Hsing , USA – Born 1995 ;  Mini bulldozer at this event. Advanced and very speedy game for her age.. Must learn to play however more with variation in speed and spin.. 

4**** – potentail for top 16 at the ITTF CC 2009

Pablo Saragovi ARG – Born 1994 ; Righthanded fighter with a safe and sound playing style. Basic technique is more than OK. Toughness is however lacking in service and return.

Caroline Kumahara BRA – Born 1994 ; Very solid style of play. Moves well and plays every point with some thought. Mentally strong.

Axel Gavilan PAR – Born 1994 ; Way to passive style could hurt this guy. However a strong fighter that puts the ball on the table more often than others.

3*** – outside chance to break top 16 at the ITTF CC 2009

Eva Brito DOM – Born 1995 ;  Great power and very strong technichally – Much more focused and sharper than one year ago., Could be the best prospect of them all. Watch OUT.

Joselyn Peralta ECU – Born 1994 ; Small stature – but a big heart

Maria Claudia Soto PER – Born 1994 ; Lacking weapons from back court and also flexibility in her game.. But good when speed comes to her.

Alexander Yao USA – Born 1994 ; Good power – overall solid – could improve a lot with more international experience.

Cristal Meneses CHIBorn 1994 ; Nice touch but is lacking the necessary physichal status.. for the moment.

Eric Jouti BRA – Born 1994; On the same level as 2008.. Not very good.


Rodrigo Tapia ECU – Born 1994 ; Lefthanded fighter that leaves the table way to easy.

Pan Am qualifier will finish Thursday.





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2 responses to “Pan Am Cadet Challenge Qualifier – Prospect rank

  1. Dennis Davis

    Any new results? how did the top 4 finish?

    • This is what i know…. as the organizers is running an info boycott directed towards the eleven points blog.. I am on my way to Lausanne… The Pan Am Team for Boys: R.Tapia ECU, Alex Yao USA joining Saragovi and Gavilan…. Girls;Soto Peru , Meneses Chile joining Hsing and Kumahara.. cheers Mikael

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