Game Time – Result update


  Game on in  the Pan AM Cadet Challenge qualifcation in Laval, Montreal. Ten + Ten young players born in 1994 and 1995 , drawn into two groups of five , with the winner of the group directly qualified and the second and third in each group advancing to a playoff quarterfinal.


Group A

Gustavo Gomez CHI – Nice lefthander.. with the golden touch..Axel Gavilan PAR – strong competitior – hard worker ..Alonso Shimabukoro  Peru, Guilaume Hardy – Canadian defender born 1995 and Alexander Yao USA…

First round action… Gomez def Hardy 4/2, Yao def Shimabokoru 4/2,… Second ;  Yao def Hardy 4/0, Gavilan def Shimabukoro 4/1….Third;  Yao def Gomez 4/1, Gavilan def Hardy 4/0….Fourth ; Shimabakuru def Gomez 4/3, Gavilan def Yao 4/3.. Fifth

Group B

Eric Jouti BRA – small stature but a big heart…Pablo Saragovi ARG – interesting prospect and the defending Latin Am Cadet singles champ…Jan Medina VEN , Rodrigo Tapa ECU and Hector Sola from Cuba.

First round action; Sola def Medina 4/2, Tapa def  Jouti  4/2… Second ; Saragovi def Medina 4/1, Tapa def Sola 4/0..Third; Saragovi def  Tapa 4/0,   Jouti def Sola 4/3.. Fourth ;  Saragovi def Sola 4/0 , Jouti def Medina 4/1



Group A

Ariel Hsing USA – should be a lock in among these competitors .. Carolyn Cordero PUR, Eva Brito DOM Rep – nice stroke technique …Joselyn Peralta ECU and Alayana Chan Canada..

First round action; Hsing def Peralta 4/0 , Chan def  Brito 4/2.. Second; Brito def Cordero 4/1 , Peralta def Chan 4/3…. Third; Hsing def Chan 4/0 , Peralta def Cordero 4/2.. Fourth ; Hsing def Brito 4/1,  Cordero def Chan 4/1.. Fifth;  Brito def Peralta 4/1, Hsing def Cordero 4/0….

Final results:

1. Ariel Hsing USA- directly qualified to the Pan Am Team with the group win and seeded to the semifinal

2. Eva Brito DOM- will play Cristal Meneses Chile at 0900 Thursday for a direct playoff to make the team.

3. Joselyn Peralta ECU – will play Maria Claudia Soto PER at 0900 Thursday.

Group B

Caroline Kumahara BRA- word out she is good…Cristal Meneses CHI…Maria Claudia Soto Per.. Mabelyn Enriquez GUA and Yuneisy Gavlan from Cuba..

First round action; Kumahara def Enriquez 4/0, Gavlan def Soto 4/3… Second ; Gavlan def Enriquez 4/3, Soto def Meneses 4/1…Third;  Kumahara def  Gavlan 4/0, Meneses def Enriquez 4/3… Fourth; Meneses def Gavlan 4/1, Kumahara def Soto 4/1.. Fifth; Kumohara def Meneses 4/0, Soto def Enriquez 4/1

Final result;

1. Caroline Kumahara BRA – direct through to the semis and on the team.

2. Maria Claudia Soto PER – to qf with Peralta ECU

3. Cristal Meneses CHI – to qf with Brito DOM Rep.






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4 responses to “Game Time – Result update

  1. Dennis Davis

    Hi Mikael,

    Thanks for posting results. Are there any more for today? Thanks


  2. Yes.. They will complete the group stage today..four rounds. Cheers Mikael

  3. Whitney Ping

    Hi Mikael,

    Hope you’re well. I’ve been following your blog with great interest and your writing has always made for a good read. So pleased and excited to track the (continual) progress of Ariel and Lily and others that are on their way. Keep it up with the posts!

    Best wishes, Whitney

    • Hi Whitney.. Exciting times for US Table Tennis with plenty of young prospects on a good level coming through… All competent people are needed on deck for support and guidance. Will come back to this later on.. Now off to Lausanne and meetings with the IOC.. Take care Mikael

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