No Bravery

futureChecking the improved and much more alive ETTU web site, currently  littered with all kinds of promotion for the upcoming Euro vs Asia challenge series opening in Beijing in the end of August and concluded in Istanbul 10-11 November….I am sure it will be OK – but at the same the there are some pieces clearly missing in the overall concept. No Bravery to be found when it comes to the  ETTU  selection nor in the overall match concept.

  • 110 % Male  oriented . Missed opportunity to include the much in need upcoming generation of  young girls from Europe.. Dangerous trend overall in Europe for the moment and to put some life into European Womens Table Tennis remains one of  biggest challenges there is in Europe for the moment..
  • The European selection… Well, well  not really a team for the FUTURE is it ?  The prevoius talks about this being a kick off for the London 2012 ETTU training group project feels a bit overblown.. My guess is that only three of these players in the end will play in London !  Timo Boll and Michael Maze set aside the Europeans are sending some really old soldiers in to battle… 1. Kalinikos Kreanga – more or less retired from the international scene .. Wasted pick nr one !  2. Vladimir Samsonov – motivation for international success and achievements a big question-mark in my opinon ! 3. Jorgen Persson 42 – Retired Swedish icon .. Wasted pick nr two. ! 4. Werner Schlager – at least flirting with retirement with his bid to kick start the Werner Schlager academy in Vienna .
  • Will refrain from doing the math exercise in regards to avarage age of the ETTU team.. But a good guess is way over 35..
  • Just wish that series like this ,  and the same counts for ITTF World Challenge initiatives would have the selection process tied to performances rather than the ever so stagger ITTF ranking list.
  • Take out Persson – out with Kreanga ..and in with either  Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Patrick Baum , Paul Drinkhall or Tiago Apolonia . 
  • Game shape ?… Dont know about the Europeans really.. Most probably the rule of good life .. We are playing too much in Europe..!  But i know one thing..;  Ma Long, Ma Lin, Chuan Chi Yuan, Joo See Yuk , Cheung Yuk  , selected for Team Asia are in full swing. They have all played tough league matches in the Chinese Super league during the month of June and July…

Its another rainy day in Ottawa – But no surprise there..



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