Rain , Rain and more Rain…

Yang Ha Eun from Korea - Born 1994 and a true superstar

Yang Ha Eun from Korea - Born 1994 and a true superstar

I have lost count by now. But someone said that it has been raining  in twenty three out of the last twenty five days in Ottawa.Its wet i can promise you.. Didn’t do much this Sunday i have to admit. Our man on duty in Jaipur , India emailed me regularly with updates from the Asian Junior singles event. Some pretty interesting stuff;

  • Yang Ha Eun from Korea won the Cadet Girls singles.. A wonderful player with tremendous focus both in practice and competition.  Saw this young ladyfor the first in Korea 2007 when myself and the ITTF Marketing Director Steve Dainton guested at the 2007 Asian Juniors high up in the mountains of Korea. She didn’t look as champion that time.  Met her a second time , just a few month later in Capetown for the official training camp leading up to the ITTF World Cadet Challenge.  After a few days of practice we played a warm up tournament which she won.. Had the pleasure of doing a few sessions with her in Sweden last year as well when she joined the training camp prior to the event.. World Class focus and intensity in practice – what a difference in comparison to the other girls in her age. Born 1994 – and for me already a superstar . Must be one of the prime canidates to win the Youth Olympic Gold in Singapore 2010.   
  • Kim Min Seok is the surprising Asian Junior Boys champion.. He must have improved some 500 % since i last saw him play… Nevertheless.. His triumph means that a Korean player has won the junior boys title two years in a row.. Lee Sang Sun won last year.. Pretty good rivalry developing between these two countries on the junior side and it will be interesting in Colombia come December.. trust me.
  • Here is the Asian Cadet Boys teamfor the ITTF Cadet Challenge in Tokyo.. As far as i understand ; Yin Hang , CHN – Chiu Chung Hei HKG, Kim Dong Hyun KOR and  LU Po Sien TPE…
  • And.. The cadet girls competing for Asia; Yang Ha Eun KOR, Li Syun Isabelle SIN,Suthasini Sawettabut THA, Liu Xi CHN…. That is – i promise you a champion team ;-

 Play safe – Mikael


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