The Rule of Good Life

Bernadette Szocs from Romania with her coach at the 2008 ITTF CC

Bernadette Szocs from Romania with her coach at the 2008 ITTF CC

Back in the Ottawa office…And things are piling up on my desk. Working hard to pull off the Pan American Cadet Challenge qualification scheduled for Montreal mid August. With a bit of luck and support from the involved National Olympic Committees , we will transport eight boys and eight girls from all over Latin/South America to Montreal for a short evaluation camp,  followed by the qualification tournament to determine the Pan American Cadet Challenge team for Tokyo 19-25 October.

 The 2009 ITTF CC is by the way also the first out of many steps to qualify for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.  Convinced that we (ITTF) can produce a Table Tennis event that will beat most sports in terms of skill full young athletes and the quality of play…. Koki Niwa, Simon Gauzy, Yang Ha Eun, Adam Hmam just to mention a few potential stars..

Got earlier in the summer an email from Steve Dainton , our marketing director based in China with the lineup for the CTTSL (Chinese Table Tennis Super League). It has been a popular thought thrown around that China does not send their best juniors to the ITTF WJTTC. I am pretty sure they have… Last year in Madrid i also felt that the coaches worked extremely hard with their team in order to keep them on track and for them to play hard from the very beginning.. 

Here is the list of teams . Good to see some of the junior boys players making the cut and getting a first hand look in varoius teams ; Xu Ke – remember him from Cairo 2006 , Xu Ruifeng – runner up in Palo Alto 2007 and Yan An – leading prospect in Madrid 2008.  It seems from checking results that we are speaking limited playing time still  for these youngsters – but anyway good news to see some of them in action.

2009 China Table Tennis Super League

The CTTSL concept is by the way pretty interesting.. Just a few foreign players and no Europeans this year.. But perhaps in the future..? On the other hand it may not fit very well with the Rule of Good Life (play less matches for the same money) existing among European Top players for the moment.

Grueling schedule by the way,  that would eat away on the complete European summer period… 18 matches – every fourth day from the end of May to the end of July..!

Lets see what happens….No hold back with the Chinese though.



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