Paris – 2013 ?


Leaving Europe as we speak – but will be back in late August for the Euro Minichamps in Strasbourg, France…

So lets see – according to Michel Gadal , France and Paris will bid for the individual world championships in 2013. Will be great of course and it makes a lot of sense from a timing point of view, especially  the way the young players are looking right now.. Gauzy will be 19 years old , Lorentz 20 , Le Breton 22… New generation coming.

I am sure Paris will get it.. But i don’t like the trend of only one bidder for World Championships moving forward.. and i don’t like the recycle trend really .. I mean we have to watch out not to come back to the same market (Europe) all the time….. Moscow 2010  – Rotterdam  2011 ,  Dortmund in Germany 2012 and then Paris or potentially  Doha interested in 2013..

 Would be interesting to form a working group armed with a new vision for the World Championships…Reduce hospitality, introduce several filters of qualification and  you would have a very attractive concept that would attract multiple bids instead of only one… Still believe very strongly that it is time for the ITTF to move into the North American Market and to do it with an individual world championships tailor-made for that particular year.. Ask me and i would not even open bids for the  target year – but locate the Worlds to a trustworthy and interesting market – Did anyone say the Bay Area ?

Global Reach  Counts… A different concept for he World Championships would fuel ambitions , improve our Global presence and develop our sport.

Will come back to the European Youth Championships in several more posts…stay tuned.



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