Made for Drama

Junior Girls ; Hungary vs Romania 2-3

Junior Team Finals in Prague. Great Drama from the first point. I am impressed by the young Hungarian Dohra Madarasz who has the ability to put up a fight no matter whom is on the other side of the table. Postoaca – The Romanian second year junior won the final match 3/1 vs Ambruz… Great potential in Postoaca – if she can improve her defensive skills.. Good team match.

Junior Boys ; France def Sweden 3-1

We have to say WELL DONE with BIG letters to the French freshman Romain Lorentz who in his first  junior year secured the title for his French team when he defeated Kristian Karlsson from Sweden to win the Boys final three matches to one. Karlsson was left hanging in this match from the very beginning and lost both his matches . Tomas Le Breton opened up with a victory for France . Oversjo from Sweden tied the match winning 3-1 vs Lorentz. Victor Le Guen outpowered Harald Andersson from Sweden in the crucial third match and as said Lorentz sealed the deal with good aggressive play from start to finsih vs Kristian Karlsson from Sweden.


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