Game ON – Cadet Finals

Snapshots from the Cadet Finals :

France vs Sweden (Boys)   3-0

Söderlund vs Gauzy 2-3….. Söderlund looks confident in the first two games. Playing tough and with  a tight backhand block. He is in control for the Swedes,  who are putting the match on the line by switching up their clear nr one in Hampus Söderlund to play Gauzy in the first match. Simon was down 7-1 in the third game .. But took seven straight points and the game with 11-9.. and.. game nr four with 11-5 to level the opening match at two games a piece.. Gauzy is now moving better and finding the distance he wants.. Söderlund – chain off kind of thing.. Simon Gauzy outscores his opponent 33-12 after being down 0-2 and 1-7 in the third and brings France the first and crucial point in the team final..

Wemmert vs Brossier 1-3… Nervous start from both players.. No flow in the game.. First game to France and second to the Swedish nr 2 who has improved tremedously since the start of this year. Nice touch.. Good backhand..No real power.. Brossier slowly gets his game in order.. Wins a tight third game and then outpowers the much weaker Wemmert in the fourth.. Looks VERY much like a French title.. in that case the second title in a row.. France defeated England three games to one last year.

Doubles to France ..3-0 and the championship is secured. !

Germany vs Serbia 3-0

Anna Krieghoff vs Aleksandra Radonjic ….3-0 and surprisingly easy for the German nr 2 cadet girl.. First loss , at least in the playoff stage for Radonjic who has played very well  here in Prag.. Came out flat in this match  and no chance.

Petrissa Solja vs Aliz Djurcic….3-0 and no discussion.. Cruise control for Germany who also wins the double.. 3-0.. No contest. Germany cadet girls team champion.


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