How Swede it is !

The comeback kid - Mattias Oversjo strikes again

The comeback kid - Mattias Oversjo strikes again

The match of the championships so far  took a good two and half hour to settle. It was simply excellent  table tennis from start to finish , with an added storyline signed by the eighteen year old Swede Mattias Oversjo , who made his move exactly in the right moment , giving Sweden a  2-0 lead when he saved several match points and finally overcame the German nr one Patryk Franziska  .  Also Kristian Karlsson defeated the German nr one ,who played heavily bandaged in his second single of the night.  Both matches went the full five games distance and was decided by two  points only.

Dropped from the 2008 European Youth

Oversjo was last year controversially dropped from the Swedish Junior National team program by national coach Thomas Von Sceele . Meetings , discussions and of course major improvements have brought the young Swede back in the mix. 

” Of course it was a bitter pill to sit out from this competition last year he said.   But you learn from everything and i do think i have a better game now than before, especially when i fall back in the court.  I trust my backhand side and can put more pressure on the oppenent by being active all the time ” Mattias explained.

Good to be back

How nice it is to back on the team and in contention  at the European Championships ?

“Its great to back. Especially since i am last year junior  . For sure you dont want to miss this tournament in a year like this Mattias concluded

Repeat final

It will now be a repeat of the 2008 Junior Boys final when France and Sweden face off in the O2 arean tomorrow Tuesday. France ended the run of a spirited Portuguese team who collectively has shown lots of improvment  this year. Tomas Le Breton put the finishing nail in the coffin – but the real key win came from the hands of young Romain Lorentz who won the third single when the match was tied 1-1.

Romania vs Hungary in the Junior Girls

Romania reached the junior girls final following a quick  three straight matches victory vs Poland . They will now go up against Hungary who defeated Germany three matches to one in the other semifinal. Young Dora Madarasz  was the heroine in the win, scoring two point for her team .


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